Just go with me for a minute.

What if every night, a part of you left its physical form behind and traveled to a place not limited by the boundaries of matter? What if you met a part of yourself there, a part that never took physical form, but nonetheless remained near to you when you did? What if you could sit down for tea and discuss the happenings of the day—all the failures and successes and struggles and graces of each moment? What if, having asked this part of yourself just the right question, you found just the right answer?

What if you looked around and saw the beauty of perfect, lawful, archetypal truths of the universe and you were filled up to the brim with the magnificence of it all, and it reminded you, just for a moment, of the wisdom of your life

Would you prepare for sleep differently? Would begin your day differently?

“I go to sleep.
Till I awaken
My soul will be in the spiritual world,
And will there meet the higher Being
Who guides me through this earthly life—
Him who is always in the spiritual world,
Who hovers about my head.
My soul will meet him,
Even the guiding Genius of my life.
And when I awaken again,
This meeting will have been.
I shall have felt the wafting of his wings.
The wings of my Genius
Will have touched my soul.”

Rudolf Steiner, from Verses and Meditations

An Outline of Occult Science, Chapter III: Sleep and Death


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