Esoteric Christianity


Just go with me for a minute.

What if the way human beings perceived the world evolved just as our physical bodies have? What if how we understood the world changed right alongside what we understood, like a child slowly awakening to the world around him? What if the spiritual forces that weave through the universe knew this, and sent to us the exact spiritual truth we needed a given moment in our evolution of consciousness? What if, instead of being at odds with each other, all of these great spiritual truths were part of one epic stream of reality? What if our ancestors once needed to experience Buddhism so that now we can understand the impulse behind Christianity, just as the New Testament could not have been possible without the Old Testament?

Would it transform your relationship to spirituality? Would it change the way you related to God? How about the way you viewed your own religion? The religion of another?

“At the turning point of time
The spirit-light of man
Entered the stream of earthly evolution:
Darkness of night
Had ceased its reign
Day radiant light
Streamed into human souls
That warms
Simple shepherds hearts
That enlightens
The wise heads of kings.
Light Divine,
Our hearts
Enlighten Our heads
So that good may become
From what our hearts we are founding
From what our heads we direct
With focused will.

Rudolf Steiner, from The Foundation Stone Meditation

Christianity as Mystical Fact


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