“Anthroposophy, by its inherent character and tendency, must have the task of providing a practical conception of the world — one that comprehends the nature and essence of human life…. Anthroposophy is not intended as a theory remote from life, one that merely caters for man’s curiosity or thirst for knowledge. Nor is it intended as an instrument for a few people, who for selfish reasons would like to attain a higher level of development for themselves. No, it can join and work at the most important tasks of present-day humanity, and further their development for the welfare of mankind.”–Rudolf Steiner, The Education of the Child in the Light of Anthroposophy

For eight years this philosophy has accompanied me on my path through life, and I sense we are still only newlyweds. When my husband and I were first married I reveled in how my ring felt on my finger, tasted the deliciousness of the word “husband” on my lips. I cannot say the same for my partnership with Anthroposophy. I think I can count on that ringed finger the number of times the phrase “I am an Anthroposophist,” has come out of my mouth.

Admittedly, Anthroposophy, upon first examination, is quite weird, and I’d rather not be written off before I have the opportunity to be understood. But more than that, I question what it really means to be an Anthroposophist; to define oneself by this vast, counter-culture, multifaceted philosophy; to place oneself within the limitations of any philosophy for that matter. But, again and again I return to it, realizing its truths are my truths. So often this has happened that I no longer think of it as a collection of ideas, but as a living partner in my life. Like all partners in life, Anthroposophy and I are evolving together, alongside each other, because of each other. I do not agree with everything She thinks, nor do I claim to fully understand everything She says, but I have come to embrace that She is a part of my life that is here for to stay.

I struggle with Her presence on the blog. After all, my intention is not to rattle off a list of Her esoteric findings. You can read all about those here, here, here, or here. My intention is to offer Her truths in a practical, accessible way that is free from jargon—a picture of how I have begun to live with Her in my life.  She is my partner, but many of you have found other partners. And yet, I’d venture that all of us have walked beside many partners before we found “the one,” and find ourselves grateful, forever changed by what we have learned from these encounters. Indeed, I have gathered from a long list of philosophical streams to create the patchwork of my life, but what I strive to offer here is an encounter with this being that is so dear to me.  I do this because I believe She might speak to you, irregardless of whether or not She is the one you have always being looking for.

How to share Her voice is where the struggle lies. It has been a long time since I was so enraptured with Her that I could not think of anyone else, and I take for granted that Her language has become my language.  As a result, there are times when I am not sure if I have fallen into the jargon trap. Other times, when I am writing, I ask myself, “Call it like it is? Leave out that word because it is way too weird?” I worry that if I am too out there, it will send people running from the blog like they are being chased by a stampede of elephants. But, there are some times Her perspective is so clear and eloquent, it seems an injustice to attempt a meager translation.

It is precisely in these moments that I find myself averse to intellectual explanations.  What I strive for is to tell you the story of our family’s inner life, how it is shaped by Her realities, and how we live them out in our day to day happenings.  Explanations are helpful, practical tools supportive, but what always inspires me most to continue on my journey are the pictures of a life lived.  That said, I have a habit of making references to Her truths in my posts, some of which might be foreign to those who are meeting Her for the first time.  I am happy to provide explanations if you get in touch with me.

In the pages of this blog, I hope I can share the middle way between modern life and Anthroposophical ideals, —authentically offering Her living truths to anyone that is seeking them, while honoring that which is unique about Her character.

After all, it’s what we’d do for anyone that we love.




3 thoughts on “Anthroposophy

  1. Oh! Do you ever write my thoughts! I, too have a deep love for Anthroposophy and for Rudolf Steiner. I, too struggle with whether or not to share it oe exactly how to share it. It can be hard to not share it though when it offers such nourishment for the soul and spirit. I am right with you on sharing our inner life and how Anthroposophy has shaped you and your family. You are such a beautiful person and I am glad to have found you in this life. ☺


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