these ordinary moments: the wait is over

“Because being a homemaker isn’t about being extraordinary.  It’s about seeing the ordinary in a conscious way.  A way that leads to gratitude, joy and understanding.  A way that helps me create an environment in which me and my family can become more human everyday.  If you are moved, I invite you to share your ordinary things by replying below or leaving a link.”


Once per summer we make our way to the ancient amusement park in our neighborhood for some good old fashioned bacchanalian revelry.  A few years back Mattheus became fixated on the bumper boats.  At the time he wasn’t tall enough to ride them, and so the refrain the past few summers has been, “I wonder who will be tall enough to ride the bumper boats this year?”

After much anticipation, it was finally Lucien’s turn.  When John saw that the line was pretty long and moving slowly, he suggested to Lucien that perhaps they could go ride something else and come back a little later.  Lucien’s answer?  “I’ve waited long enough, Papa.”

What is different about the pure and simple joy that passes through us when we’ve had to wait for something?  Is it that our desire has the time to deepen and mature, allowing our joy to do so as well?  Whatever it is, in a world of instant gratification, sometimes it sure does feel good to wait.



8 thoughts on “these ordinary moments: the wait is over

  1. Amusements park have taught us many lessons. Those season passes to Six Flags Over Texas were well worth it. Of course, I think of the summer that we worked our way up from the kid’s roller coaster to the Texas Giant, riding each one as many times as it took for you to feel comfortable enough to try the next. Not sure how old you were, 9 or 10? But I also remember our family friend who was your age who had mocked you for not riding more coasters the previous year. When we made our annual trip and he was too afraid because he had slipped our from the bar and smacked his lip on the cart, you didn’t mock him.


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