these ordinary things: surprise

Because being a homemaker isn’t about being extraordinary.  It’s about seeing the ordinary in a conscious way.  A way that leads to gratitude, joy and understanding.  A way that helps me create an environment in which my family can become more human everyday.  If you are moved, I invite you to share your ordinary things by replying below or leaving a link.


I forgot that we put these new bulbs in last fall, Dutch Irises.  Late last week, as I checking in on how the garden was recovering from our poor weather, I noticed a handful of these and I realized that what I had assumed were daffodils were something entirely different.  Sometimes we cherish things deeply because we have worked hard, toiled, sacrificed, waited, anticipated.  But once in a while, something beautiful and unexpected is dropped into our laps and it feels as if a small bird of joy is born in our hearts.  And when what lies around it is struggling to recover from damage?  Well, the joy is that much greater.